About Alive in the Universe

Alive in the Universe has a mission - to empower each of us to express our unique creativity successfully  - ie of benefit to humanity and fulfilling to us personally.

For Einstein, creativity is the mysterious ingredient of the universe. It is what makes us human and we express it through our livelihoods, our lifestyles and our art. Our creativity is integral to each of us and if repressed we express it negatively either internally or externally. But it is hard to activate in practice and 75% of us* feel we are not living up to our creative potential - it is the largest and potentially most fruitful untapped resource the world has. Creative intelligence (CQ) is the key to success and it synergises with our other two important intelligences: IQ and EQ.

So to launch our mission, ALDEBURGH IDEAS promotes ALIVE in the UNIVERSE at the Venice Biennale 2019.  Artists and non-artists from all around the world are invited to express what it feels like to be alive in the universe through 1 minute haiku art-film or poetry. 

About Caroline Wiseman: Qualified as a barrister, Caroline  has dealt in modern and contemporary art from London and New York for the past 30 years.

wasted time 3.JPG

She founded the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout, in Suffolk, England, eight years ago as a catalyst for challenging arts and ideas.

This led to a deep study of that mysterious phenomenon - creativity. And, as a result Caroline has set up aliveintheuniverse.com as a global network to help each of us make our unique creativity successful. The Aldeburgh Beach Lookout is the ideal location to act as the pulse for this vital and overdue concept.

Caroline is a Fellow of the Royal Society of the Arts; Ambassador to the Prince’s Trust and Visiting Senior Fellow at The University of Suffolk. She lives in Aldeburgh with her partner Francis Carnwath and has grown up triplets. 

*Adobe Data global survey into how creativity is perceived and valued around the world, 2012 (countries surveyed:US, UK, Germany, France, Japan)