Faces of Conflict

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The work will explore the human cost of war that can often be lost behind desensitising figures and statistics. Through drawing, I intend to covey the human tragedy that is an inventible part of armed conflict. The drawings that I make are often quite physical and require periods of intense concentration. The work for ‘Alive in the Universe’ is a video documentation of this process.

Adam Riches is an emerging British painter and draughtsman. Primarily monochromatic, his characteristically stylised portraits and figurative works are sensitive responses to the human condition, ranging from furious expressive moments to poignant, melancholy reflections.

In pen on paper and oils, Riches’ searing explorations of the human psyche delve into the effect of current social and political issues upon the individual and the way in which people behave towards one another.


Photo Credit : Eileen Haring Woods

Photo Credit : Eileen Haring Woods