Ménage a Trois'

‘A bold, sport style driven by futuristic creativity, the coloured shapes combine architecture and vision in a streamlined design. Layers of mesh form the lightweight inflatable for enhanced flexibility.

In a film by Truffaut ‘Jules et Jim’ the main protagonists entangle in a love triangle more complex than a supernova landing from the sky. The feelings they share for the same girl are lustily out of this world.

I tried to make a work that is as complex as love is when you are in love. It can be a volatile octopus, soft, gregarious and complex. It can wrap you up in its tentacles taking your breath away, like jealousy.

Love is merely fictitious just like art is when reality hits. Jules, Jim and Catherine, the trio have created an idyllic life for themselves, away from the structures of an imposed society. A pure fantasy.’