In Hope

This installation alludes to the safe spaces we create to protect ourselves from physical, political and personal misfortune ‘In Hope’ is a monument to those who leave their homes in hope of a better life.  It is a recognition of human ingenuity and bravery, a note about those both accepted and turned away from Italy and Britain and a question about how little we need to survive. 

The sculpture is made of a fold-up kit of aluminium poles and black pallet wrap, portable in a small bag.  A pair of screens with moving black and white lights reflects onto the dark shiny surfaces allowing the visitor to sit within the installation and construct their own narratives. 

Clare Burnett is a London artist and President of the Royal Society of Sculptors.  In her work she uses materials and processes from the worlds of art and industry to make sculptures inspired by the dilemmas of 21st Century life – globalisation, migration, consumerism and technology. She places the works in groups or locations to draw gentle attention to the issues in question.  

With thanks to Lol Sargent for creating the video piece.



Wall pieces.jpeg