Through ALIVE in the UNIVERSE you an learn how to zez, a key part of CQ. This is the secret of all successful people (success in that they transform their unique creative energy into something to benefit humanity). The CQ Secret Formula rules is simple but strict. And learn to zez everyday. It is invigorating!

The human brain is wired to be creative and our collective creativity touches us every moment of our lives (it is not confined to artistic creativity). Because creativity is  at the core of the human condition, it is fundamental to our spiritual fulfilment. And because creativity is the ultimate source of all economic value, it is vital to our economic fulfilment as individuals and as a society. 

For some, the skills of creative intelligence are acquired naturally through good parenting and schooling.  But the effects of creative frustration are everywhere and it leads to social inequality and destruction expressed inwardly or outwardly, or both. Through CQ we activate our unique creativity and make it meaningful to others.  We can identify the personal and social conditions necessary for this and from there develop a set of skills, that enable us to activate our creativity, making it successful. Creative Intelligence CQ is a skillset which can be learnt.

CQ is a dynamic, proactive intelligence which can be taught globally using high technology, as well as personally in schools and other institutions alongside the analytic, reactive intelligence of IQ. IQ values the three Rs; CQ values the three Ps: Preparation, Permission and Production

This a fun, interactive  global course introducing people all round the world to the specific skills of CQ and how to zez every day. Through ALIVE in the UNIVERSE we are capable of  bringing about vital and overdue social change.  It is the practical way we can close the “creativity gap” and activate our power to create.  ZEZ enables us to be self determined, so we can be authors of our own lives, collaboratively. Then we can all, whoever we are and wherever we live on this planet, thrive in this fast changing 21st century world.

"CQ is turning every problem into an opportunity in this game of evolution."


We are piloting CQ DAILY.

CQ UQ Can-do is our mantra

(UQ =unique self, Can-do = action!)

The course has a mentoring approach, to encourage a sense of self confidence and self worth in a secure, handholding environment. 

It addresses the key reasons why people are reluctant to activate their creativity (fear of failure and  fear of  judgment). We give practical examples of how successful creativity happens in all areas of life, including in the everyday. CQ DAILY provides the psychological and actual possibility of success that is absolutely crucial for  successful creativity.   This  allows the dreams, values and skills of each person to blossom into a unique creativity they can use in practical ways  in their everyday lives over the years  and pass on those skills to their families.

CQ graduates  have the real potential to be successful: whether as employees, self employed, or simply as fulfilled people with a new found control over their changing lives. 

In practice  Preparation, Permission  and Production do not  happen in sequence; they are all vital ingredients of creative intelligence and co-exist in our thoughts and our actions  as we develop our creative lives.


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We are piloting CQ DAILY, through which we discover how to activate our unique creativity and make it successful. We learn the secret of creative intelligence through The CQ Secret: Why Creative Intelligence is the Secret of Human Flourishing and Innovation.

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We need IQ, EQ and CQ.  Creative intelligence, shortened to CQ, is a dynamic, proactive intelligence and contrasts with analytic, passive intelligence, IQ.  It is an algorithm, a set of skills we can learn and is the ability to activate our unique creativity and make it meaningful to others, fulfilling to ourself - in other words successful. We have analysed the conditions necessary for CQ to flourish and these are Preparation, Permission and Production.

In this fast changing 21st century world, top employers from around the globe cite creativity as the skill they need most from their staff – perhaps because they realise that creative ideas are the engine of all progress in life, including business growth.  Everyone’s brain is wired to be creative but for 75% of us it lies dormant or is frustrated.


ZEZ Daily

  • guides us into the secret of creative intelligence, how to activate our unique creativity and make it meaningful to others

  • works because it identifies and rectifies the reasons why people are not creative.  Of supreme importance is handholding and providing the “possibility factor”

  • values the 3 Ps: Preparation,  Permission and Production

  • provides the creative intelligence skills

  • is effective and inexpensive

  • by enhancing self confidence and self determination ZEZ improves a range of social issues from inequality through social deprivation to economic hardship