"ALIVE in the UNIVERSE empowers our unique creativity. 

Caroline Wiseman, the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout

Caroline Wiseman, the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout

Like so many people, I had always assumed creativity meant artistic creativity, especially as I have always been so passionately involved in the visual arts.  Then when I bought a ‘tiny art temple’ on the beach in Aldeburgh I began to become interested in the phenomenon of creativity and to delve deeply into its mystery.

I discovered that creativity is not restricted to the arts – it is of fundamental importance to all human life.  It touches each of us every moment of our lives.

Poverty is not lack of money, it is not lack of aspiration, it is lack of possibility. Creative intelligence is what makes our creativity possible."

-Caroline Wiseman

David Baldry, curator writes:
When I was invited by Caroline Wiseman to co-curate ‘Alive in the Universe’ there was already an open call for individuals from anywhere in the world and from any background (not only artists) to make short films. My involvement has been to help refine this aspect and more interestingly to develop the 28 artists in 28 days element of the exhibition. We were conscious from the start that to present a different artist each day was going to be difficult but little did we imagine quite how difficult. 

These 28 ‘Big Bangers’ are intentionally and I suppose inevitably eclectic both in terms of subject, medium and career stage. As a previous university Head of Fine Art, I was very keen to not only include the well established but to also give an opportunity for early career artists to show in Venice during the Biennale in 2019. I am, of course thrilled, that the likes of Sarah Lucas and Julian Simmons, Matthew Darbyshire and Maggi Hambling have all agreed to give us work but also delighted to be able to include younger emerging artists such as Andrei Costache and Adam Riches in the line-up. 

The majority of those showing are either from, live in or have some other connection with the county of Suffolk in the UK. We wanted to celebrate the richness of the artist community here but without any of the usual connotations of ‘the local’. All the artists we have included are working on an international stage with ideas and work that will excite and delight our audience during May this year in the stunning setting of Palazzo Pesaro Papafava. I would like to thank all those who have made this ridiculously ambitious adventure come to fruition.

David Campbell Baldry
April 2019