Caroline Wiseman at the art house, aldeburgh beach

Caroline Wiseman at the art house, aldeburgh beach

Meet Caroline Wiseman founder of ALIVE in the UNIVERSE.

"ALIVE in the UNIVERSE empowers our unique creativity." 

Like so many people, I had always assumed creativity meant artistic creativity, especially as I have always been so passionately involved in the visual arts.  Then when I bought a ‘tiny art temple’ on the beach in Aldeburgh I began to become interested in the phenomenon of creativity and to delve deeply into its mystery.

I discovered that creativity is not restricted to the arts – it is of fundamental importance to all human life.  It touches each of us every moment of our lives.”

-Caroline Wiseman

About Caroline Wiseman

Caroline Wiseman qualified as a Barrister.  She has been an international art dealer for the last 30 years, living and working in London and New York, where her triplet sons grew up.  Ten years ago she and her partner Francis Carnwath founded the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout in an old Lookout tower on Aldeburgh beach as a catalyst for challenging ideas. Caroline founded ALIVE in the UNIVERSE in 2019 and with co curator David Baldry presented projects by 28 artists over 28 days at the Venice Biennale.

Caroline Wiseman Modern and Contemporary was founded in 1988 and has a constantly changing selection of paintings, drawings, sculpture and original prints by important British and international artists.

The Aldeburgh Beach Art House is like a living Kettles Yard by the sea.  As with our houses in London and New York over the past 30 years, in every room art by many of Britain's most important modern and contemporary artists becomes part of the household.  Most works are for sale, with a wide price range.

Over the years we have been consultants to many major private collections and museums including the Musee D'Art Classique a Mougins, voted new museum of the year, 2011, by Apollo Magazine.  Please click here to see their website.

The Aldeburgh Beach South Lookout and The Art House are based at 31 Crag Path, Aldeburgh, Suffolk with works are available to view by appointment.

Ring Caroline on 020 7622 2500 / 01728 452754 or email

Public appointments include:

  • Trustee of Paintings in Hospitals 2002-2008

  • Ambassador of the Princes Trust 2008 (continuing)

  • Senior Visiting Fellow University of Suffolk (continuing)


Guide to Collecting Prints and Posters by Mitchell Beazley, 1997 (Caroline Wiseman- consultant on chapter on original prints)

Elisabeth Frink Original Prints Catalogue Raisonne, Art Books International, 1998

Modern Art Now, from Conception to Consumption, Strawberry Art Press, 2006

The Leonardo Question, Strawberry Art Press, 2009.  The Leonardo Question has been adapted as a play, toured the UK and was part of the Edinburgh Festival.

Duchamp: 100 Years Later.  The Posthumous Spectator Speaks.

Lookout: Poetry from Aldeburgh Beach. Edited by Tamar Yoseloff

Current Projects

ALIVE in the UNIVERSE initiated at the Venice Biennale May 8th - June 4th 2019 Palazzo Pesaro Papafava, and continues with ALIVE in the UNIVERSE Festivals around the world.

In 2017 we presented Duchamp: 100 Years Later which examined the two iconoclasts Duchamp and Cage whose ideas in art and music are fundamentally linked.  In addition to rare etchings by Duchamp from The Large Glass and Related Works, 1967 and rare lithographs by Cage:  Not Wanting to Say Anything About Marcel, 1969 we showed works by other artists who like Duchamp and Cage take their ideas to the edge.  In the Lookout we periodically have mmmmm's interactive site specific performance work inspired by The Nude Descending a Staircase, Ducahmp's 1912 work projected onto the side of the tower.