The CQ Secret: Why Creative Intelligence is the Secret of Human Flourishing and Innovation  contains several important new insights.  

"Human creativity, our zez, is the wondrous ability we each have to transform our unique creative energy into something to benefit humanity. Our creative energy, alongside our sexual energy, drives evolution and is fundamental to human success, both individually and as a species. Zez is how we achieve our purpose in life and it fulfils us emotionally, economically and spiritually."

First is Caroline Wiseman’s central proposition - that CQ is the  evolutionary tool, which transformed human beings from insignificant apes to become the most successful large animals on the planet.  It is our sophisticated subconscious which is the key to this success; our brains are wired to enable each of us to create original ideas.

Creativity is not limited to artistic expression; it is vital to every aspect of life.  Creative ideas are the solutions to problems of survival;  they  touch us every moment in our lives  enabling electricity,  cars, houses, the internet,  laws and social structures,  everything other than that provided by nature herself.


Crucially,  Wiseman argues that creative  ideas become commodities which humans  trade to provide their livelihoods.   These ideas form a collective intelligence, culture,  where they generate, exchange and innovate. Closely linked to creativity is spirituality, necessary because a sense of self gives us the values in life to keep creating solutions.  

Because CQ is key to successful human life, encouraging it is vital for social and economic prosperity on both a macro and a micro level.  It enables people, young and old, worldwide, to adapt to change and lead productive, meaningful lives.  Wiseman provides real life examples of CQ in action and reveals the CQ Secret Formula, 
which unlocks the essential skills we all need more than ever in this fast changing 21st century world.

"CQ is the method through which we can survive change in this world.."