I LOOK TO YOU is a participatory art project which celebrates our individuality and our interdependence using everyone’s unique eyes as a visual metaphor. I LOOK TO YOU is a new iteration of Eileen’s signature work, Unique in the Universe, launched in 2014 at the London Art Fair. The artwork combines conversation, photography, and film to create unique group portraits of friends and strangers identified only by their eyes. Experienced as projections, these films are visually striking, intriguing, funny and moving as the personality of each pair of eyes affects us in unexpected ways.

For Alive in the Universe at the Venice Biennale 2019,  I LOOK TO YOU is a 16 minute two screen projected work, which considers how we recognise trust in this unprecedented time of distrust.  This contemplative piece asks the viewer to engage with and respond to the eyes and expressions of strangers, with a sound track that invokes ceremony and meditation. The loop is punctuated by a short moving image montage / homage to sight and vision and communications. The music for this element is a 1927 recording of ‘A Night of Love’ by Eileen’s grandfather, Bob Haring and his Orchestra, with an underscoring of I Look to You in morse code.

Eileen is an artist, curator and producer. Her background includes art, music, theatre, film, design and production. Born and raised in New York City, Eileen lived and worked in Dublin for six years, London for 30+ years and is currently based in Suffolk, East Anglia, UK.

As a conceptual artist Eileen’s work explores the extraordinary and bizarre nature of contemporary society primarily through film and installations. She is particularly interested in showing work in non traditional arts venues and the ‘democracy’ of open spaces. After many years originating and producing large scale arts led events, film festivals and parades, artist in residence/consultant for city planning through to global governance, Eileen has concentrated on her own practice. Having worked with the New York Film Festival for many years, it was a natural progression to develop her own work primarily as moving images. Benefiting from the freedom to experiment in the Aldeburgh Beach Lookout, on the east coast of Suffolk, England, her featured artworks include Fear, Greed and Sex, Social Sculpture; Persistence of Vision, The Souvenir Project and Unique in the Universe which has been redefined as
with its first presentation as part of Alive in the Universe in the Venice Biennale 2019.