Judy Goldhill and Steven Fogel


Raki’a, Hebrew: firmament, or, literally, “The Expanse”

A film of visual poetry conjuring vast, dark and starry forces across the dimensions and fields of deep space invites meditation on the vestiges of the sublime found in the local, solar and electromagnetic landscapes amongst which we live. 


What the French philosopher Gaston Bachelard called the “cosmology of the gaze” *, here recreates cosmological phenomena:The Big Bang, black holes, gravitational waves, colliding neutron stars producing base metals such as gold, The Northern Lights, magnetism, cloud chambers and the expansion of the universe.


Material has been gathered from Goldhill’s artist residencies in the observatories of Arizona, Chile, Hawaii and University College London, juxtaposed with the prosaic objects of the everyday.

 The accompanying sound was commissioned from George Curtis and Stray with additional input from the filmmakers.

 *Air and Dreams : An Essay on the Imagination of Movement, 1943