A  Day in the Life of a City 

Central to all our work is a sense of the physical body and events at the edge of consciousness that speak of those moments before and beyond language, and deal with primordial or transformed states of being. Most works are made in response to a specific location or to a particular personal event to pay testament to human experience drawing on philosophical concepts and emotional responses through a formalised, invented language.


Our response here in Venice is to the sea, showing at the water’s edge we are reminded of this quote by the marine explorer William Beebe .

“If heat is the mother of all life then water is surely its father. we came from the water, we are still absolutely dependent upon it, two-thirds of our entire body is nothing but water.  In our physical frame we carry with us many aquatic memories, water-logged characters which point to distant amphibious or submarine ancestors.  The mark of the sea is upon us though our home may be in the heart of a continent.” 1926.

Photo Credit : Eileen Haring Woods

Photo Credit : Eileen Haring Woods

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