mmmmmfilms is an on going collaboration between the artists Adrian Fisher, Luna Montenegro and Ginés Olivares.

They will show two single channel video works followed by a live performance.


The Humming Loom of Time 67' HDV 2017. UK/Germany

French, English and Spanish with English subtitles.

Feature Film, 67 minutes.

Taking its name from a line in 'The Golden Bough' by James Frazer 1922, the film weaves threads of migration, alchemy and folklore through elementary particles, in documentary, action and performance. An investigation into sites where Alchemists lived, worked or died looking for contemporary resonances within those localities. A psychogeographic process of encountering images, sounds and people celebrating serendipitous encounters.


il peso delle case / the weight of things 29' HDV 2010. Italy.

Italian. subtitles: English

Short Film, 29 mins

Exploring the collective body in the former home town of The Emperor Nero. The film meditates on the role of memory and identity in Anzio and Nettuno, Italy. The collective body is revealed through making moulds of the Local’s fingers, the pizza chef, the Director of the Archeology Museum, the market sellers amongst others.


mmmmmfilms - live performance

mmmmmfilms_thoughtsasorbits_01 - 1.jpg

THOUGHTS AS ORBITS - 25 mins live performance. 

Inspired by ‘A point beats in space. Listen’ - Edmond Jabs, The Book of Questions, Volume II.1967. 

Voice, sound, video projection and physical actions. Contemporary rituals, poetry and sounds from outer-space. 

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