Whenever I  talk to people I discover wonderful new examples of CQ in action.   The award winning film director, Steve MCQueen  found his distinctive creative voice at art school where he was given space and permission  to think “ideas, stupid ideas, daydreaming.”  These have surfaced in his award winning art.  He won the Turner Prize and makes award winning films such as Ten Years a Slave.  He movingly spoke about how, as a “black man”,  he found the resilience he needed to fight for “the truth” in his art and films. MCQueen  is a brilliant, ambitious artist and has also had his fair share of pivots including attending Goldsmith’s School of Art at the right time and then winning the Turner Prize.

Scientists are at least as creative as artists. Prof Sir Michael Marmot uses CQ to find solutions to life and death problems – in his case how public health strategies can prevent disease in vulnerable individuals.