The Animator - Ed Catmull

Big companies with fixed bureaucracy  find it hard to keep up with the pace of change.  There is a long roll call of casualties:  Kodak  for example. No one needs to develop photographs any longer.  Take IBM….  Whole industries have disappeared – where are the travel agents now when we book our holidays on line?   Upstarts have taken over.  They are the ‘Disrupters’. An example is Uber, the global taxi firm that is replacing black taxis in London; just as the Spinning Jenny replaced spinners a few centuries ago.

CQ provides the skills and mindset to reinvent; to explore and try out new and better ways of doing things. Only the ‘sticky’ new businesses survive; the ones who reach momentum before their starter capital runs out.  It isn’t about being cheaper than your competitor, it is about creating new value which clients find meaningful and therefore want to buy into.  And it is about pivoting the idea successfully.

In Creativity Inc, Ed Catmull  analyses how creativity can be fostered in a large corporate situation. He argues that creativity is not just a well of ideas but is  an alchemy of people. He describes how to build a creative organisation made up of a large staff each needing to be creative. . His company Pixar became great by connecting  the specific things they do to the big goal that drives everyone in the company - making films like Toy Story that make them feel proud and also net millions of dollars.