At the College of Law in London a young man was studying for his Bar exams in the late 1970s.    Like me, a fellow student,  he didn’t follow a career at the Bar. He went into politics to realise his passion to do something useful with life. 

In the House of Commons he joined a creative cluster, a magic circle of supportive people -  movers and shakers like Gordon Brown and Peter Mandelson.  He identified people who could help him up the greasy pole of politics.  He became best friends with them, people like the former Leader of the Labour Party Neil Kinnock  - people who had the power to pivot his career upwards.

When the opportunity arose on the early death of the Leader of the Labour Party, John Smith, Tony Blair was ready in position to lead the party and to implement his big idea: change the Labour Party into New Labour.  He won the largest number of seats Labour has ever won and he went on to win two more general elections.