Christofer Toumazou’s most “frightening’ challenge in life came when his nine year old son was diagnosed with renal failure.   The solution floated out of his subconscious, the ‘simplest invention but most significant’.  His small silicon microchip in a USB stick  that analyses DNA data outside the laboratory within minutes changes the lives of sick people around the world in a quick, practical way. 

Toumazou wanted to  reframe the world of medicine to use technology to find solutions to medical problems.    He has made several important discoveries, for example ways to improve cochlear implants, and a digital plaster to monitor vital health signs which speeds up medical process.

Through his company DNA Electronics Toumazou is finding entrepreneurial  solutions to social problems. The application of his CQ has given  human beings yet more evolutionary advantage over challenges facing us all. 

All this from a Greek-Cypriot immigrant who lived above his parents’ kebab house  and at the age of 23, without a single O level or A level, let alone an Oxbridge degree was accepted for a post doctoral position in a university.  This pivoted his career so that he  is now one of Britain’s most successful  and distinguished  engineers.