As It Is

Despite ‘everything that exists containing the information of everything else that exists’, we perceive ourselves separate from each other, conditioned by cultural, ethical and educational patterning.

I therefore contemplate the perpetual dance of individual, relative consciousness within the limitless absolute reality through the medium of film, sound, three large scale drawings and a twelve minute performance.

The performance consists of music from various cultures that has influenced me; their language overlapping and layered. Short bursts of dances from even more traditions are performed while listening to different music than the audience, naked, wearing a transparent overall fashioned from waste plastic. Small deaths interrupt the sequences

The same plastic is cut into fine strips which, along with rice paper inscribed with prayers from the worlds different denominations, is woven into a tapestry.
This diaphanous paper also helps express the fragility of the life perceived in the other two panels.   All three drawings hung at angles are my stage.

Films and much more add other elements to this exploration.

Photo Credit : Eileen Haring Woods

Photo Credit : Eileen Haring Woods

photo credit Eileen Haring Woods

photo credit Eileen Haring Woods