Sharon Kivland’s vinyl LP To Dream by the Book will be playing throughout the day on a vintage Marconiphone. A hundred readers recorded the stuff of dreams, those with a spatial quality (though perhaps this is true of the structure of all dreams), from Sigmund Freud’s The Interpretation of Dreams. (Michel Foucault called Freud the most famous ear of our epoch.)Freud points out, comparing dream-content (what is represented) with dream-thought (which instigates the dream, turning the text of the unconscious into a play), that content and its account is ‘brief, meagre, and laconic’ in relation to the complexity and richness of the dream-thought. The dramatisation of the dream is reported, a second edition of an earlier text, but the dream is something new, in which an old wish makes its return. The record is accompanied by a black and white film, a slow fading in and out of many vignetted images take from Kivland’s extensive collection of old postcards, which one may think of as thoughts from another place. In the middle of the film there will be a break without images, to allow for the turning over of the LP from side A to side B.